Some Truths of Our Hypocritical Society

To the people who took a moment to read this article, let me take you to the truth of our two faced society. Yes! we are born hypocrites. We don’t have a stand over a thing, we go with the flow of what others are gonna do.

Many girls have to face mental torture daily that is so hurtful and unbearable but no one understands.

Like if her skirt is even a little bit short then she’ll get to hear, ” hey you girl, why is your skirt too short? Ohh ! I forgot, you have to also attract boys ,right ? ” I mean, if the skirt is short,it’s the girl’s mistake ,but not of the boy, so why even are they looking there?  If you think that it could be a reason for rap, so just don’t send ur boys to the places where girls wear short skirts. 

The second most heard torture girls face is , “why were u standings & talking between the groups of boys , don’t you have some sense? ” Okay, so we talk about equality & feminism a lot, but I don’t find any equality in this ,why can’t a girl and a boy talk openly, it’s not always necessary that they are having some wrong intentions among each other. It might be quite possible that they are more comfortable with sharing things with each other than with anyone else. Even there are chances that their vibes match or maybe some other good reason. But , I just want to know who are we to just assume anything about the two? We are no one to interfere in anyone’s personal life. I think friendship of two opposite genders is the best relation because the boy can always save his female friend from any other boy’s wrong intentions , can always care for each other, can always help each other & can expect good advice. But some narrow minded people find it a crime talking of two opposite genders.

The third most heard torture is , “why were you out after 8pm at night?” The girls should be in before 8pm at night but boys are free to roam around the whole night out . Why are there only limits for girls to get in at night but not boys? Why can they roam whenever, wherever they wish to? There’s a sick mentality present in our society where they label girls who are out late night as characterless, sluts, etc. If we always talk about equality then why don’t these things are looked upon? Why are these things ignored? These things are so ignored just because solving this matter doesn’t help in any kind of increase in economy . Our govt. only find development in things that provide some kind of profit to them. 

In some families girls are not allowed to wear short dresses,talk to their male friends,go out at night just because those old narrow minds make them believe that if girls are allowed to do these things, they’ll surely do something that will be a shame for the whole family. I don’t understand the thing that why always girls are questioned for whatever happens? Why aren’t boys asked? If a girl wears short dresses ,why is she called characterless & why aren’t the boys asked to not give a girl those creepy looks . When a girl & a boy are talking,the girl is always told to stay away from boys & why aren’t boys told to behave with girls. In schools whenever she forgets to tie her hair plates ,the teacher always asked her, ” Is this a fashion show going on? ” But when a boy comes to school with a new hairstyle, why do the teachers just say nothing to them? A country is only known to be developed when that narrow minded thinking will be thrown out of the minds. And equality will only prevail when these double faced hypocrites will change & will treat girls & boys equal in not only few things but every single thing.

– Vaishnavi Srivastava

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