Mother, a person I can’t define,

Who in our eyes always shines.

The first name you take whenever you are in trouble, 

Not knowing that she is the person with most struggles.

She is the person who gives without expecting anything in return,

But still never gives up on her concern.

She is the person most amazing,

And also a person we can never stop praising.

Gold in their hearts,silver in their blood,

Stars in their eyes,rainbow in their smiles.

I really can’t tell what a mother is,

She is the best gift to us in our life.

Making each day happy and alive.

Endless praises for the god’s best creation,

And our most favorite inspiration.

At last i would say she is not just a person,

She is an angel,who will never leave your side no matter what,

As she is a mother!!!!

– Kaashvi Marwah

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