Women on Earth

I walked into the class with a hair style bit different,
I walked into the class wearing a bit of lip balm on my lips,
The management taunted me,
For it was easy for them to taunt me rather than make changes in the mentality of some men,
My off shoulder tops, dresses are not the cause of trouble,
My posting pictures and dressing up isn’t the problem,
My going out and hanging out with my guy friends isn’t the problem,
My laughing out loud in the public isn’t a problem,
Guys making rape jokes is a problem,
Posting for justice and respect isn’t a problem,
Guys giving rape threats surely is,
Some of you still protecting your friends who were at fault is a problem,
Some of you saying all this was done for fame,
The problem lies there,
In your mentality and thinking,
The fact of the matter remains the same,
Even in 21st century when we have reached and found water on Mars,
It’s so difficult to find respect for woman on  earth.
-Parneet Virk

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