Fahion Tips For any Occasion

How to rock your rock in the easiest way, for any occasion. All you need is :

1.An oversized White shirt/ t-shirt

2.A denim jacket/ chambray shirt 

3. Some denim pants (any fit) 

4. A belt 

5.Some jewellery pieces like antique silver necklaces 

6.A blazer

So now that these are gathered, we can literally make any outfit for any occasion.

Work/ MUN outfits (something formal) –>Take a sleek straight fit pant (any colour), tuck your white shirt in and then through on your blazer. Don’t forget to fold the arms of it to give a better personality. 

Brunch–>Take any flared fitted pants and tuck or tie your white shirt/ t shirt in it and throw on your jacket on your shoulders, add the necklace and some boots and you’re good to go.

Party–>Take your white shirt and wear it as a dress.Accessorize your waist by adding a sleek belt. Put on your chambray shirt on top to add a layered effect. Add some hoops or any  piece of jewellery  preferably which matches the colour of your shoes.

Meeting someone in their house –> Grab your mom jeans and tuck your white shirt in. Grab a shoulder bag and your fav pair of sneakers and off you go. You can also add a scrunchie for a vsco effect.  It can be changed in various other forms depending on the shape and fit of these basic items 


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