Skincare Tips

  • Layer skin products in the right way
  • Check skincare ingredients before using
  • Don’t use anyone else’s skincare routine just like you wont use anyone else’s toothbrush
  • Avoid using products with alcohol in them
  • The goal should be healthy skin and not perfect skin. Nobody has perfect skin. Breakouts and acne are normal
  • Know your skin type and then make a routine accordingly
  • Always double cleanse (first with micelar water/oil based cleanser then foam or gentle cleanser)
  • Always wear SPF (spf-50 provides full protection)
  • Avoid harsh exfoliators
  • Change your pillow case everyday and use separate towel for face
  • Avoid touching your face constantly
  • Have patience, you cannot get a healthy skin within a night
  • Continue the skincare routine for a month if you see changes then carry on with it
  • A basic cleansing, moisturizing and spf routine is a decent routine

– Sukhman

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