What if Time Travel was Real?

When you are a child, and you watch those fictional movies with all the cool
things the superheroes could do, you really wish for those things. I mean I would
have a gadget for every problem that comes my way, as simple as that. The characters in such movies could time travel and fun fact, they are usually from the 21st century, but we haven’t seen anything like that in real life yet, and I think we never will. From all of this, the question arises, What if Time Travel was real?
If Time Travel was real or possible, most people would try to undo the wrong decisions they
had taken in their life, maybe save their lost loved ones. And the brokers and traders
would be very rich without facing any loss because they would know what will
happen if they take this decision.
But if time travel was real, would the common people be able to use it or will this
also be a part of politics? Coming to politics, If ministers knew that who will win, would they still fight for their way in? There are several questions, without any answers to it, because we don’t know what will happen right?
But even if it is not just a wild fantasy or a part of a sci-fi movie, what would the
consequences be? If you went in the past and convinced your grandmother to
not marry your grandfather which means they will not have your father hence,
you wouldn’t exist, then who is going in the past and convincing her?
Theoretically, building of a time machine is possible, but it wouldn’t look like the
one in the movies. But rather it would look like a spaceship which is so fast that
it could match the speed of the light, which is not possible with the technology
that we have today.
In space, the astronauts are ahead of us in time, even if it is 13 milliseconds. So
if you travel to the future or past , and return back to earth, you will see that
everyone who you know, will be really old because you would be gone for 80
years there, hence, creating a paradox.
The question still remains, WHAT IF TIME TRAVEL WAS REAL?

-Saanvi Upadhyay

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