Team UnScripted

Ananya Goyal
Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Ananya Goyal is a student of Yadavindra Public School who believes in having no limits. She has a keen interest in everything, be it debating or playing sports, or writing content. Ananya is an active member of the MUN circuit and has been the secretariat and Executive Board (EB) of many MUN’s. She is also a member of many national and international NGO’s and various organizations. Ananya loves to meet and interact with new people and believes that the best way of learning is possible only if we try out new things. She is outgoing, friendly and charismatic. According to her, everyone has potential which is best when presented in raw form.

Core Team

Parneet Virk
Head of Marketing

Parneet Virk is studying in an Army School and has a keen interest in writing, debating, discussing and is an active member of the MUN Circuit. She has been doing marketing for a long time and has the power to convince people easily. Along with these, Praneet also loves to do social work and is a part of many Non-Governmental Organizations, and had participated in many Mental Awarnenss Drives and campaigns. She is full of passion and compassion and believes in the phrase the pen is mightier than the sword.

Aditya Sinha
Head of Content

Aditya Sinha is a 2nd year Law student from Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur. He is a self motivated person having a keen interest in Law, Management, and Aviation. He loves writing, researching, organizing events, debating, and public speaking. He has more than 15 papers and articles published under his name in various national and international journals. Aditya also loves doing social work and is a part of a few international NGO’s and NPO’s as well.He believes that the best way to convey something is through writing..

Ekam Pratap
Head of Photography

Ekam Pratap is a freelance photographer having a good grip on portrait photography and believes that Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. He has been the head of photography in many organizations and events. His journey of photography began when he was in class 9th. He was appointed as the head of photography in his School Club and right now he is an active member of the photography club of his college. He has also done various professional shoots with a few singers and actresses.

Sukhman Kaur
Head of Fashion

Sukhman is currently pursuing a BA in Arts & Psychology and is a fashion enthusiast. She loves dressing up and making fashion related videos. She has a keen interest in fashion related stuff. What she believes is that one should do whatever makes them happy! Along with fashion, she also loves to talk and discuss various issues about society.


UnScripted Team Members

UnScripted has a team of more that 150 active members across the globe. UnScripted gives it’s members’ the freedom to be creative and provides them with various opportunities which helps them to showcase their personalities.

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