Western Eagle vs Eastern Dragon

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”.

This quote is as true as it is false. The United States of America, a country on the east of the Atlantic and China, the most populous country situated in Temperate Asia are referred to as the “Superpowers of the world”. Though there have been many contradictions, the above fact stands evident. The two most flourishing and prosperous economies, industrialized societies and advanced technological warfare would be the words suited for these two nations. However, my point of focus in this deliberation is the passage of arms and controversial relations between the mega powers leading to a region of terror in the whole world.

Over time, the diplomatic and political relations have been worsening with the bilateral leaders threatening each other almost every day. Peaceful talks between the two nations are now once in a blue moon phenomenon. The economic side of relations is also deteriorating day by day. The output of this is evident in the trade war between the two countries. The causes and outcomes for the above conditions are broad enough to be felt globally. The interests of these nations have contradicted, and their ideologies and principles differ to a great extent now. The two have placed many economic sanctions on each other and have been involved in distasteful trade and proxy wars. The conflict between the two has raised the war to the hilt with speeding proliferation in the nuclear warheads, arsenals and nukes stockpiles of both the nations. We are now split into two different worlds: The Allied Powers and the Axis Powers. The USA and China have formed their own alliances and are taking advantage of geographical extent to gain the upper hand over each other.

Despite the above facts and points, the USA and China are interdependent to a great extent. China’s growth is mainly due to American investments and massive exports to the US. At the same time, American corporations gain great benefits from the cheap labor force in China and most of the profit returns to the United States. However, the due has failed to admit the above fact. But what sticks out like a sore thumb is the sufferings of the local population. The totalitarian like governments of the two countries have shown no mercy to its people. Barriers have been placed on the movement of people and they have been shattered. This reminds me of Rousseau’s famous quote, “Man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains”.

After a long discussion, I, as a global citizen, would like to provide some substantial solutions that can help the whole world at large. Firstly, the USA and China should call for a bilateral summit and deliberate upon important military policies to disarm. They should agree to denuclearize for the benefit of the world. Furthermore, they should discuss opportunities to build extensive trade and commerce relations. Thirdly, they should look to invest on a greater scale in each other’s economies and promote secularity among their states.

The planet now needs P.E.A.C.E. PEACE as in P for Perseverance, E for Enterprise, A for Aspiration, C for Collaboration and E for Efforts. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers and storytellers of all kinds. The deficiency of this nutrient called “P.E.A.C.E” can lead to sterile flowers (lack of development). Afterall, The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth.

– Pranav Jaju

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