Kids At Heart

Chotu – Bhola were office friends,
Always trying stupid trends.
Funny were their rainbow dresses,
Both had cute brown messy tresses.
Wearing socks of different colours,
Combed their hair with fast blowers.
Paid no attention to the meeting,
doodling, chatting, always eating.
Never finishing work on time,
Together they were partners in crime.
Always joking, doing opposite of what was told,
Asked to bring hot tea, got some coffee cold!
Littering all around with the food,
First got scolded and then were shooed
Out on roads walking carelessly,
jumping around like kids restlessly.
Slept on the footpath mouth wide open,
entered a fly, left them trodden.
Hit by the watchman’s stick, now awaken,
Ran off with their shoes almost broken.

– Esha Agarwal


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