The Ignored Topics

He’s passing his days in solitude.
But no one’s worrying to ask him because,
they think it’s his attitude.
She’s got tired of feeling numb & sick.
And just wanting to give depression a kick.
Accept the fact that we all are tired of hiding these scars.
Just left with expecting to be hit by the cars.
Can we not help the ones traumatizing pasts?
Can we not help them by making their depression, anxiety,stress etc. Last?
We can talk to them & turn their loneliness out.
Having some patience in,& let them speak their heart out.
Let’s not make them an odd one in the present crowd.
And take a step for making them laugh out loud.
Cheering them up I think is not a big deal.
But making someone happy again is a great feel.
Let’s stop the stigma & break the silence.
And fight together for the sufferers without violence.

-Vishnavi Srivastava


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